B2B marketers are increasingly shifting  to video marketing. Video marketing channels like YouTube and Vimeo are growing in importance. If you haven’t engaged in video marketingyet, find here are some very good reasons to get started…

1. Videos are easier to access:  A lot of people prefer to watch short videos rather than reading long PDFs. This is especially true with the mobile audience, illness who find it easier to watch a video on their phone than sifting through the pages of a PDF document.

2. Videos demand less attention: Unlike reading, buy your audience can watch a video even when working on other things. If nothing else, the audio commentary on your video will convey the message even if your viewer is busy with something else.

3. Videos save time: Videos save your audience a lot of time. The content of a 10-page whitepaper can be easily compressed into a 5-minute video, saving time without diluting the essence of the message.
4. Videos go viral: Videos are more likely to be shared online. Let’s face it…how many times do we hear of a whitepaper that’s gone viral…!?!

5. Videos are more interesting: Videos offer a lot of scope for improvisation in terms of graphics and design. True, you can add images to your PDFs, but you step-it-up with creative ideas and animations when you use   video—much more than what PDF documents can offer.

Now that you know why you should be engaging in video marketing, here are a few tips that you can use—
  • Don’t worry about lack of content for your videos… use the content from your website, print ads, blogs and whitepapers.
  • If you don’t have any hi-tech video creation software, use simple tools like Microsoft PowerPoint. It offers a lot of animation options that are easy to deploy.
  • Make your videos more interesting by giving voice-over commentary to them.
  • Market your videos on popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter.

If you are considering marketing automation, find out if your new marketing automation software supports video marketing. It should be equipped with content syndication capabilities for popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and would be even better if it allows you to generate personalized videos on-demand

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