The following services are billed @ $150/hr unless otherwise agree upon. On-site services may be available upon request and will include additional travel expenses to be agreed upon prior to project commencement. Up to a 20% discount is available when hours are purchased as a bundle – See Support Pricing Details Here


Without question, support is integral to the success of any CRM deployment. Inevitably, issues arrise, and when they do, you’ll need answers – quickly. With CloudViewCRM, you’re just a phone call away from stellar support without the hassles of a call center tech who doesn’t care about your issues.

We carry over 25 years of experience in the CRM industry, long before Sugar was concieved. Meaning, whatever your issue, we’re your go-to contact.


Development (aka customization) takes on many different meanings for different companies. For some, it’s simple add-ons which are purchased and tacked onto Sugar’s open source platform. For others, it’s writing code designed to customize and streamline specific processes.

The key to development, from our perspective, is to start with the basic CRM structure and follow that up by helping you understand the flexibility of Sugar’s platform. This guidance leads to specific processes and workflows being targeted for development.

Be it a web form for capturing and importing new leads into Sugar, creating automated processes that reduce time or anything you can dream up – call us and we’ll be happy to go to working molding your perfect CRM solution.


Sugar is simpler than ever to implement – one of the benefits of tapping into the cloud. Never the less, business can’t be interrupted or negatively impacted by a messy launch of the new CRM solution. We specialize in launching Sugar seamlessly while giving you the initial training necessary to hit the ground running, so business never misses a beat.

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