The term marketing automation is often used in the context of demand generation, drugs  lead nurturing and e-mail marketing. But, have you ever considered marketing automation as a solution to your collateral creation challenges?
Here’s how it can work for your business…
  • Consistent Brand Management: When you reach out to prospects through multiple touch points, it is easy to lose control  of how accurately your brand is being portrayed. A stretched logo on your Facebook page or a low-res background on your twitter account can hurt your brand value. But with marketing automationyou don’t have to worry because  marketing automation software will ensure consistency and accuracy of all your branding elements.
  •  Empowering  sales: If your sales team is completely dependent on your marketing for collateral creation, this can often create a serious bottleneck.Marketing automation can give your salespersons the power to create sales collateral on-demand. Additionally, it offers them permission-based access to ensure your brand is not compromised when they edit or personalize sales materials for specific customers or regions.

Marketing and sales collateral creation, a major challenge for businesses with multiple prospect touch-points, can be resolved effectively deploying the right marketing automation software. The key is to zero in on a software that focusses on the 2 important groups crucial to effective and fast  collateral creation—sales and marketing.

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