What should you keep in mind when you begin writing text for your drip email campaigns?

Here are 2 hints for today’s blog

First- Keep it short!  Readers of any  solicitation email are going to devote just a few seconds to it. You have to catch them fast.  Lengthy text will be ignored. This is even truer now that  more email is  being read on small smartphone screens.

Second – A widely-accepted and still very reliable method to catch attention is the use of an opening question. Ask if the reader has a problem dealing with X.

For example, starting an email with “World’s Greatest Mousetrap”  places the reader’s focus on you/your product. Instead, try “Do you need a better mousetrap?” or  “Are the mice taking over your house?”  Turn the statement  into a question and the focus now shifts onto thereader, which is more likely to create a positive reaction. Remember your product is irrelevant until it fills a need  for someone. Good business writing focuses on the reader.

Like I said, Keep it short!

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